Chad Stovern

Christian. Husband. Dad. Geek.



Hi, I'm Chad. I ocasionally write here about my interests: technology, programming, productivity, gaming, nutrition, fitness, etc.

When I'm not busy enjoying time with my family, I work with technology & explore virtual worlds.

contact info:

chadhs on twitter
chadhs linkedin professional profile
chadhs on github

my work:

Professionally, I enjoy variety and have worn a few hats:
  • Developer
  • Manager
  • Systems Administrator

What this really means is that I enjoy helping others succeed almost as much as I like putting on some noise canceling headphones and solving technical problems.

I also work as a freelance technical consultant and writer. For related inquiries, please contact me here: techcraft workshop.

personal life:

I strive for my life to be centered around my faith and my family.
I consider myself a Christian and follower of the teachings of Jesus.
I'm a husband to an amazing wife, and a dad to our three awesome kids.

The rights to life, liberty, & personal property for all people are also important to me (in other words, “social and economic freedom for all.”)

My views are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of any employer or client.