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The canonical “about me, the person” info:

Hi, I’m Chad. When I’m not busy enjoying time with my family, I work with technology & explore virtual worlds for fun (& profit?).
My current day job is a mix of Systems Administration & People Management (talking to people and drinking coffee).
Loving work related to both technology and personal productivity, I’ve officially found my tribe! In my new gig at iDoneThis — I’m a remote worker — that works closely with our customers in an implementation and support role, and on the engineering team in test developement.

I consider myself a “Christian” & follower of the teachings of Jesus.
I describe myself as a “Libertarian” & believe in the rights to life, liberty, & personal property; or in other words “social & economic freedom.”

I like coffee and I like tea, but mostly coffee and drink too much of it.
“Real” runners and writers have something in common, they “do it” every day. I’d like to live up to that.

My views are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of any employer or client.
If you still don’t like me, that’s ok too.

Contacting me:

email me[at]chadstovern.com
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