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Quick Tip: How to Rename Email Flags in →

Tue 23 June 2015   filed under: productivity   tags: osx email

Keeping email well organized is a challenge all of us face. Tags, Flags, and Inbox Zero. This short article isn’t going to solve all your email woes, but will give you a quick tip to help you on your way to email nirvana. on the Mac has a nice built in feature called Flags. Using flags helps to categorize and even note the priority of a message. Rather than keep a taxonomy floating in your head, I’ve written a quick tutorial over at Tuts+ to show you how to give email flags meaningful names.

Check out the tutorial here: Quick Tip: How to Rename Email Flags in

Mon 08 June 2015   filed under: technology   tags: freebsd django

The beauty of developing with popular web frameworks like Django is that a lot of repetitious work has been done for you, so you can focus on building your site. It’s also great to know that the core of what you’re running has undergone the scrutiny of a large open-source community and should be less susceptible to large security holes.

Whether you’re a developer or not, one thing that is not inherently simple is knowing how to get these web frameworks up and running outside of your own development or testing environment.

I’ve written a full ...

Tue 02 June 2015   filed under: technology   tags: freebsd sendmail

One of the most common needs when setting up a new web server is sending email. The safest and easiest way to do this is to connect your server to a mailing service such as SendGrid or Amazon SES. Using an external service will help you avoid pitfalls like your server IP getting blacklisted by anti-spam services.

I’ve written a full tutorial over at DigitalOcean covering exactly how you set this up on your FreeBSD droplet.

If you’re new to FreeBSD, some of what we do may look a little scary, but you’ll soon be comfortable rolling ...

Tue 12 May 2015   filed under: productivity   tags: ergonomics standing-desks DIY

After nearly a decade of working jobs doing geek stuff sitting in front of a computer all day, I started developing lower back pain. Even being active off hours wasn’t enough, so I caved and talked my boss into a GeekDesk v3.

However, now that I’ve moved on and am part of a small startup team working from my home office, that’s just not a purchase I was ready to justify again. Nine months into my new adventure with iDoneThis and my enthusiasm is high, yet my back is killing me…

Colin, the founder of ...

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