Chad Stovern

Emacs is an operating system.

Emacs has a never-ending learning curve.

Emacs is a way of life.

All of these things are both a joke and largely true. As a die hard Vim fan, I never thought I'd fall into such enthusiastic use of Emacs, yet I have and don't want to look back.

I started down this path because of my interest in learning Common Lisp and then Clojure. The Emacs tooling for lisps is superb and once I learned you could configure text editing in Emacs to behave identically to Vim, I set out on my spirit quest.

With multiple years under my belt using, configuring, and solving my problems with Emacs, I'd like to start sharing some of these tips, tricks, and use cases. In the meantime I invite anyone to skim through my living literate config below.

Chad's Literate Emacs Configuration

Happy hacking!

Learning Curve for Emacs